NATFIT Family Testimonials

My husband and I have absolutely loved using NATFIT since day 1. Our favorites are Pumpkin, Birthday Cake, and now Blueberry Muffin is our newest obsession! We use them in both our protein shakes as well as my morning pancake recipes, baking to add more protein to muffins, breads and pastries, and NATFIT Birthday Cake waffles are our children's favorite! We love that NATFIT created more options than the boring repeat flavors you find on store shelves. The flavors alone make the protein easy to consume after a workout with just water and a shaker bottle. We truly love NATFIT and it is forever our household protein powder! Ps My husband LOVES the NATFIT trucker hats!

Haylee Johnson

With supplements, it's hard to know which ones are trustworthy and just straight up good for you and effective, especially with health and autoimmune issues like myself. Then comes the added problem that the "good" supps taste, kinda bad. Lol. NATFIT Protein, Fruits and Greens, BCAAS, etc... SO tasty (specifically my personal favorite, Vegan Vanilla). And my body feels energized, clean and healthy, I never feel that dirty energy feeling, or crash, or flare-up. And added bonus, it's a family company, with a family-centered business structure with real families investing and running it. I love everything about NATFIT!

Chalice Serrano

By far the best supplements I have taken. NATFIT has everything you need to accomplish your health or fitness goals and these supplements have been instrumental in helping me accomplish my fitness goals. And let me just add that everything taste delicious!

H. Downey

Jamie/Natfit is the real deal. He left the corporate show to invest in people and to really push a product that’s better than what’s on the storefront shelf. Flavors are a big deal for me. I’ve tasted plenty of protein powders and I’m always happy with NATFIT flavors- my favorite is the Strawberry . Not to mention the BCAAs are yummy - my favorite is the Blood Orange. The thermo Ingite is a good pick me up mid day and my go to is the Rainbow Candy. Lastly is my most favorite product is the Preworkout. What’s nice is the option between the non-caffeinated Rockstar Pump and the regular Advanced. Ill take them depending on mood and workout planned. I’ve been using NATFIT for a couple years and don’t see myself ever using anything else!

Eva Perez


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