NATFIT was founded by Jamie Sheldon, in Riverside California, in 2017. In the Health and Fitness World since 2000, CEO/Founder Jamie Sheldon has also been a Professional Armwrestler since 2005. Elevating to the top of the community, he has built relationships all over the World. He spent a dozen years in the gym business, as a trainer, multiple manager positions with all the major Franchises, and learned the ever changing supplement world therein. After a few years running a supplement store, it was time to utilize his Worldwide Network, his background expertise, and take the leap of faith into a saturated market with no funding, and no fame.  His relentless desire to succeed was the platform to launch a business and he hit the ground running. He left the corporate arena of Gyms/Stores to create his own vision. NATFIT is born.  As of 2022 we will have 27 products, as many distributors across the United States of America, and an operation running in Canada and supplying our friends to the North.  Nicknamed "The Natural" in his sport, Jamie thought NATFIT was a simple and catchy name for the brand. But our CEO did not wish to start simple with basic flavors. He launched Glazed Donut Flavor Protein as the flagship product. It was well accepted, and the rest is history. The Core Values emblem describes the company perfectly. Strength, Integrity, Discipline, and Family. Our family of Licensed Territory Distributors continues to grow and our goal to bring high quality products at affordable prices is constantly in motion. 

 We are pleased to say that our customer base ranges from children to the elderly.  Our variety of Proteins, Fruits & Greens, and our BCAA flavors are enjoyed by the masses and every activity level. While we do not sell to minors, we do believe in our products enough to state that kids and student athletes can benefit from our proteins in smaller doses. Protein pancakes are a major hit. Ever had Glazed Donut Protein Pancakes? How about Strawberry Protein milk over cereal? Or perhaps, Blueberry Muffin Protein in your oatmeal in the mornings? You do not have to be a gym rat to enjoy our line of products. Parents, enjoy our Seasonal Pumpkin Spice or Vanilla Proteins as Creamer in your coffee, while the kids indulge in BCAA popsicles (sugar free/stimulant free). And of course we have a variety of sports performance products catered to your specific needs, be it strength, recovery, and a good old fashioned gym pump or cardio sweat. REFER TO OUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS if you need further assistance or contact us via email.  Interested in becoming a Licensed Territory Distributor? Want to run your own ship selling NATFIT in your city? We have provided amazing opportunities from San Diego to Philadelphia and Snohomish to Saint Augustine. We have 1000s of immediate opportunities for you to bring NATFIT to your community, to your local gyms, stores, and abroad. Be the Brand, and reap the rewards of being a small business owner with a fast growing company. Contact CEO/Founder Jamie Sheldon directly at jamie@natfitnation.com


Our non stimulant Preworkout that focuses on muscle pump and increasing internal temperature for enhanced sweat factor. ZERO CAFFEINE.



Which preworkout do I take? Is IGNITE a preworkout? Do I need BCAA?  These are typical questions when searching products to level up your sports performance. Preworkout can be anything a person chooses to kick off their exercise agenda. Even Carbs are a common pre exercise choice. However, the original Preworkout type product is a caffeinated, vascular muscle pump product for strength training. Our PRE is exactly that with 300mg caffeine. And we also offer a non caffeinated preworkout product in our ROCKSTAR PUMP. No caffeine boost, but almost double the Beta Alanine for intense tingle and Niacin for Heat and Sweat factor. IGNITE is a Thermogenic Fat Burner. An increased internal temp to burn more calories, sweat more, and flush excess water. Also with a 300mg caffeine boost. In short, all 3 are pre exercise. Here is a simple reminder: PRE - Boost, Pump. ROCKSTAR PUMP - Heat, Pump. IGNITE - Boost, Heat. BCAA, a good one, will not have caffeine in it. You should not sip caffeine during exercise. Getting a caffeinated boost pre - exercise is good, but during rigorous exercise, hydration, recovery, blood flow, are your Go-To Body Armor. Caffeine can resyrict blood fllow and cause dizzy spells among other things, so make sure water is nearby and our BCAA is a great PRE, INTRA, and POST workout product. Sugar Free and Stimulant Free, you can sip all day. And each container can make up to 180 popsicles for the kids.